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Kavita Favelle

Kavita Favelle

Kavita launched her successful food and travel blog Kavey Eats in 2009. During that time she has worked with fellow bloggers, PRs, brands and tourist organisations in many different ways.

An active of member of many blogger groups and forums, she is well-known in the blogger community and has forged strong relationships across the wider food industry.

As well as creating content for her blog, Kavita was a regular contributor to a high-calibre national food and travel magazine. Working closely with the editor to propose and agree pitches, she submitted three or four articles to every issue over a two-year period.

In her day job, Kavita works as a freelance IT business analyst specialising in the retail and travel sectors. Strong communications skills, nailing a client’s requirements and ensuring that a solution meets or exceeds them are paramount.

Mellissa Williams is a luxury lifestyle and travel blogger from South Wales who likes the nice things in life.

She has two blogs, The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover, where she writes about fashion, travel, food, home, and more and Fly Drive Explore, a dedicated travel blog that she writes with her husband about their travels and laughs throughout the world. Mellissa has been blogging since 2012 and has a son at university. Her passions include eating out, travel, and stand up comedy.

Joshwa Saint James, possesses a natural flare and keen interest for fashion and styling. Joshwa hails from a creative background, having studied fashion photography. Later he turned his eye for detail to window dressing and visual merchandising, before moving onto journalism and styling.

Joshwa regularly attends various Fashion Weeks and Collections, gaining first-hand experience in trends for the upcoming seasons, while sharing his favourite fashion and male grooming finds online.

With a penchant for friendly-fashion and an awareness of his own social responsibility, Joshwa looks towards fair-trade, sustainable, and vegan options within the industry.

Karen Burns-Booth

Karen Burns-Booth is creative freelance food and travel writer, a blogger with a passion for local and seasonal produce. Her love of seasonal food and recipes stems from her early childhood whilst observing her grandmother and mother’s cookery skills, both in rural Northumberland and whilst living overseas in South Africa and Hong Kong. She is widely travelled and has embraced all manner of foods, cookery techniques, cultures and traditions, all of which are beautifully portrayed in her writing style and atmospheric photos.

Karen was a regular contributor to Country Kitchen magazine. She now runs the award-winning blog Lavender & Lovage  in addition to writing for numerous other British and European publications and newspapers. She contributes to on-line food, travel and tourism websites as well as having several recipes in print in compilation cookbooks.

Tereza is a 20-something year old lifestyle blogger & influencer from Birmingham where she lives with her two kittens fluffy Cookie & princess Pippin. She has a penchant for nude lipsticks, ficus plants and peculiar curio shop finds.

Tereza writes daily on her blog Cityscape Bliss which follows a journey of a girl who moved from a tiny Czech village to the second city in the UK with just a carry on (which contained a pair of jeans, two tops, one jumper and FIVE books including the complete works of Woody Allen). Tereza writes about everything from beauty & style tips, home decor inspiration & DIY projects to easy recipes, travel diaries, blogging tips, cat toy hauls and fitness reflections.

Jenni Grainger

Jenni Grainger

Jenni writes the family and lifestyle blog Chilling with Lucas, documenting her life with her partner and son who was born in Feb 2015. She began her blog whilst on maternity leave where she began writing reviews of the items she used, this has progressed onto keeping track of milestones, days out and working with brands.  She lives in Lancashire and works as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities and as a freelance virtual assistant. When she isn’t working, she enjoys being outdoors going for walks in the local woods and seeing family.

Margot Dolewska Dyer

Margot was born in Warsaw, Poland, and now lives in the diverse city of Brighton after almost 10 years spent in London.  Before moving to London she worked on cruise ships in the Caribbean.

Margot is a creative all-rounder with years of experience in various environments including social media, publishing, design, photography, printing and customer service. She has a keen eye for detail combined with excellent technical skills.

Over the last few years, Margot has spent time multitasking between raising a family and enjoying a career as a freelance retoucher, and photographer and blogger at Coffee & Vanilla which is dedicated to European & Caribbean cuisine, crafts, home decor, DIY, travel and photography. Margot also owns and runs 416 Studios – a virtual web design and photo retouching studio.

Victoria Welton is a forty-something Mum and parent and lifestyle blogger at Verily Victoria Vocalises. She started her blog in September 2012 as she felt she always had something to say! She also writes poetry and loves photography and uses her blog to share her creativity. She also occasionally writes over at Victoria Visits, her travel blog.

Victoria already has a 10-year-old daughter, Grace, and, her fiancé, Ross, is a freelance recruitment trainer as well as writer, actor and singer. After trying for nearly 4 years, miscarrying twice and one unsuccessful round of IVF treatment, she is now pregnant after the second attempt with another clinic using an egg donor. She is expecting her second, and Ross’ first biological child in July 2017 thanks to IVF Spain and you can follow her journey on her vlog series, ‘The Conception Diaries’.

Mina Joshi

Mina Joshi has been writing a vegetarian and vegan food blog ( www.givemesomespice.com)  since 2009.  Both her father and father-in-law were experienced chefs who owned restaurants in East Africa and they shared their recipes and tips with Mina.  Mina’s passion for cooking started whilst her children were young and she was always looking through cookery books for quick and healthy recipes for her children.  She started her blog as a hobby to share her recipes with friends and family.  Mina believes that nothing beats home cooking and it is her aim to make everyone realise that cooking can be fun.

Mina is a featured writer for City Connect magazine  (http://www.city-connect.org/author/mina/). She writes vegetarian recipes under the Taste of India Series.

Over the years, as the children became adults, Mina’s passion for cooking became her second profession. In her spare time, Mina teaches vegetarian Indian cookery at Evening classes at a Local College.  She also offers private tailored cookery lessons to adults and children in the Student’s home where the students can invite friends to taste the dishes which have prepared.



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